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Regional and Special Interest Groups

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Guidelines on Setting Up and Running a Regional Group
EMEA User Group - Epicor 9, Vantage, Vista and Avante - United Kingdom, Europe  
The Epicor Users Group is an interest group with the aim of exchanging information to help ensure we all have successful ongoing implementations of Epicor ERP software.  The group will meet on a regular basis, usually by conference call and on-line webcast presentation to discuss topics of general interest.
Product(s)Avante, iScala / Scala, Vantage, Vista, Epicor ERP (Epicor 9/10)
Cheryl Brearley of Epicor Users Group
Dele Oyebande of Autac Products Ltd - Group Migration to Epicor 9 SIG
Simon Stevens of Permastore Limited - Group Group Coordinator
Event(s)No Events Found
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