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Benefits of the Epicor Users Group ...

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  • All Volunteer Led (Jennifer CurLee, Sam Alagno, Ken Williams, etc.)
  • Staffed Office
  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • A positive working relationship with Epicor
  • An expanding Website, adding new features year after year including the Membership List, the Enhancement Portal, Regional Group Support and File Sharing.
  • Access to secure list servers, with threads, archived documents etc. for each Epicor product, helping you get practical help and solutions from your fellow users.
  • The Enhancement Portal - Where you can enter, share, review, comment and help prioritize ideas for new enhancements for all Epicor products. These are carefully reviewed by Epicor Software during key design stages for new releases.
  • Leadership Councils which meet with Epicor at a high level on a monthly basis - directly involved with 'steering' the product.
  • Support for Regional Users Groups - Office resources for coordinating meetings, helping administer the group and finances if you'd like.
  • Networking/developing 'sphere of influence'
  • Ensuring the ongoing viability of the product and company - Protecting your investment
  • Focus Groups and "summits" with Epicor on specific items of broad interest to the user community.
  • Membership fee of only $360 USD is per company. No limit to the number of employees within your company that can use our benefits. Amount prorated for new members enrolled during the year.
  • Co-sponsor of Insights, the annual Epicor user conference usually held in May.
  • Discounted registration to Insights. The discount for a single person attending the conference virtually pays for your EUG membership, and it applies to any number of attendees from your company, a true win-win situation.

A few additional points ...

  1. We are the ONLY organization that protects your investment in Epicor Software. We hold multiple meetings with Epicor every month, and monitor their development of products, new releases etc. Examples of our work are the more deliberate migration strategies, the policy of not releasing new versions until at least 5 beta sites are live, scheduling tech service 'slots' for heavy upgrade call volumes.
  2. We are the PRIMARY external, independent, source of product enhancements and work closely with Epicor to ensure that the enhancements work correctly for our industries.  Examples of our initiatives here are improvements in serial number tracking, consignment inventory, 3 way billing, and the new financial package available in Epicor 9 - just to mention a few.
  3. We take our job seriously, and have a physical office, staff, and our own list server for exchange of ideas, issues, and we compile and share programming routines across users.  The members of our Board (fellow users) monitor our list server, and ensure that key issues are followed up on with not only our Board, the Leadership Councils, and with the members of Epicor's executive and development staffs who sit on those committees.
  4. We are always open to suggestions from our constituents (you) on how to improve our service to the Epicor Users community.  We are the FIRST ones that you call when you're having trouble with Epicor on any level, and we are looked to for leadership and guidance regarding your Epicor system. In a time of limited resources, we are lobbying for you, with Epicor.

All for just $360 per year - less than a week's pay for one of your staff.  We feel we are providing exceptional value, and encourage you to consider membership in the Epicor Users Group.

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